Frozen Fun For Fido!

This is all you need .. notice, no oven!

Hello Summer Adventurers- (well, depending on which part of the world you live in)

For those in So Cal -it’s a warm one today!  After an active morning of hitting the dog park & walk before it reached in the 80 degree temps…We’re doing our best to beat the heat by scheduling our physicaly activities when it’s not as hot!  Please see “hot-hot-hot” on some tips for keeping your favorite doggy a cool pup instead of a hot dog!  So after our activities, the pooches convinced me to make a little frozen fun that’s lick-o-licious!! 

Check out what’s on the doggy soft serve menu:

Strawberry Frost

2 3/4 cups frozen strawberries

1 Cup low-fat vanilla yogurt

1/4 cup honey

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Blend It!

Directions: Place all ingredients in a blender.  Be sure to cover it!  Blend ingredients until smooth. You may need to stop the blender & stir it so all of the strawberries are blended.  

Pour soft strawberry mixture into a freezer safe container.  I used 1/2 cup GLAD containers with lids, which worked out perfect!  Freeze these little babies until firm or a little more firm than soft serve.  If firm when you remove it the freezer, give a few minutes to thaw slightly, the consistency of soft serve and watch your dogs go ga-ga!

Pouring happiness..

Perfect serving size for both canines & humans!Ready for the freezerReady for the freezer

 RESULTS: Oh MY!  This will DEFINITELY be a frequent summer treat!  This recipe received the “all-4-paws” up rating from my research team, along with 2 hands up from me!  It’s absolutely LICK-O-LICIOUS!!!  I dare you NOT to like this frozen treat.  If you can press a button .. you can make this treat!  It’s just so darn easy.

All three of my dogs took turns sharing one serving, but they wanted more so they shared another one!  Although I’m a huge ice cream lover, this will definitely save me on the calories and the fat!  Once again, the doggies end up giving me that look of  “Uh, hey Pop — why are you eating OUR treats .. AGAIN???”

Did we hear Frozen Fun?

 Let me know what you think & how yummy it is by leaving me a comment!  Happy Blending & stay cool!

Kai would jump INTO the container & eat her way out if she could...

Smudge is lick-O-meter is at full wags!

Not sure at first, Donna quickly changed her mind & couldn’t get enough.

From the Lick Monsters….

David, CPDT
Kaimana, Smudge & Primadonna
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4 Comments on “Frozen Fun For Fido!”

  1. Winnie's Mommy says:

    Winnie loves these! Because she’s so small, I use ice cube trays. I made one batch with raspberries, one with honey and lime (for me :*) and one with peanut butter, honey, and a banana. That was her favorite!

    These are really good after a long walk in the hot midwest!

    • Hi Winnie’s Mommy!

      Thank you for your post & for the idea of using an ice cube tray for the smaller pooches! That’s a GREAT idea!! Thanks also for your creativity in your variations of this sweet, fun, frozen treat! I’ll have to give it a try for myself!

      Stay cool in the midwest, give the family a squeeze for me & I’ll see you in cyberspace!


      • Winnie's Mommy says:

        Hi Dave,

        When are you and your three comin’ out here? We miss you! There’s a dog I know that could use a little help from you :) (not Winnie though)

        I bet the Carob chips would be good in these too. They’re so fun to make, and taste sooo good when they’re done :)

        Winnie’s Mommy

  2. [...] best part was that we got to celebrate my friend Kai’s birthday there too. Her dad made strawberry frozen yogurt, crackers with salmon, and carob banana cupcakes! I got to eat extras because some of the other [...]

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